Services for Customers

Mahalaxmi Engg & Inspection Services was established in 2016.We are Certified with ISO 9001:2015. We offer third party services in inspections and testing with reliability for customers delight through qaulity managament system in all over india.

Eddy Current Testing for Grade Segregation

Our Values
  • Meet the customer requirement in given time frame

  • Commitment to customer Satisfaction

  • Reliability in Inspection

  • Growth of every individual

  • Quick Response


Casting/Forging M/C Inspection


NDT Testing & Inspection


Sheet Metal Inspection


Receipt Inspection

The purpose of the incoming inspection is to identify potentially non-conforming parts before production starts.

In-Process Inspection

Our quality control inspector examines materials and products for specification deviations or defects and monitors the production for smooth operating procedure

Firewall / Final Inspection

Our Inspectors sort out defective parts by doing 100% inspection to address a wide range of manufacturing defects and packaging errors

MPI Testing

It is quick and relatively uncomplicated. It gives immediate indications of defects. It shows surface and near surface defects, large and small range of parts can be examined

Eddy Current

We provide these testing for detection of defects immediately without removing coats and take corrective measures for ongoing production

DP Testing

We provide this testing for cost saving process & to Detect Casting/Forging defects, cracks, and leaks in new products

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